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Jul 27, 2018  

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Top Drone Business Opportunities

Entrepreneurs looking to cash in on the trend can offer protection from intruders, fire and water leaks. If the drone is activated, it can take a live feed and send it to a smartphone -- as well as notifying authorities. If you own farmland -- or a winery -- use a drone to survey your crops. You can equip your drone with sensors to collect data on things like soil hydration, and checking for infestations. Drones make it easier to fly above your land -- you can get hourly updates if needed. Taking pictures of landscapes opens up another field you can cash in on -- cartographic surveys. A drone mapping business can offer cheaper and quicker data than survey teams on the ground. Get a jump start in a number of industries using drone services including construction, urban planning,flood monitoring, and archaeology. Drones make it easier than ever now to capture aerial images. You can get an affordable drone with high-resolution cameras -- so you can snap high-quality pictures of things like: weddings, real estate, sporting events, wildlife and landscapes. As with any new technology that may affect public safety or privacy, there are regulations.

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Nothing has gotten out of hand this time — especially compared to this year’s Capitals team they say — but the night before I witnessed a few people being firmly kept behind the hedge barrier so the balance is fickle even with a group of a dozen or less. Security sees these kids as harmless for now and understands the perspective of young fans hoping for their idols to give them the time of day. When I come back out of the hotel, the boys have repositioned themselves behind a line of hedges near the drop-off area. Manny Machado did make an appearance, they say, as well as a few other All-Stars heading back to their rooms. But they had no luck getting an autograph this time and were rebuffed without even a hint of engagement, another disappointment effort. It’s past midnight and their luck doesn’t seem to be turning tonight. With it being their last night it’s worth waiting and hoping though. They’ll continue to wait. Maybe during the next few hours they’ll get to meet their number one target Mike Trout . Even if he doesn’t sign anything for the crowd they just hope he’ll be nice. After all, they’re still a group of teenagers just hoping that some of the greatest players in the game will take a few seconds to acknowledge some of their biggest fans.

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