Some Updated Tips On Astute Newspaper Methods

Jun 27, 2017  

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But, he insists, the time has come to remove the migrants who blight his handsome and orderly town, where they sleep in abandoned garages or loiter on the esplanade around Lake Como, better known as a luxury destination for George Clooney than as a magnet for despair. “See there?” he asked, pointing to an African man sitting alone on a piazza’s steps the other day as Mr. Landriscina strolled toward the cathedral for a mayoral endorsement by some of Italy’s leading right-wing politicians. “That’s the first guy. It’s only the beginning.” Italians vote on Sunday in the final round of municipal elections seen as a bellwether before national elections, and immigration is the issue that may determine races from this northern city on the Swiss border to the southern coast of Sicily. Residents of Como, Italy, at a rally on Wednesday for Mario Landriscina, the center-right candidate for mayor, who argues for closing migrant reception centers. Credit Gianni Cipriano for The New York Times Shoving has broken out in Parliament over the center-left government’s proposal to extend citizenship to the children of migrants born on Italian soil. All over, parties and politicians are shifting to a tougher stance. After the first round of voting on June 11 delivered a setback to the surging anti-establishment Five Star Movement, it adopted a notably harder line on immigration. One of its highest-profile politicians, Rome’s embattled mayor, Virginia Raggi , called for a moratorium on new immigrants. Champions of a more welcoming approach to immigrants have not fared well.

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Some people have stopped paying for #fakenews.Maybe Breitbart will buy the Times and start making toilet paper? …

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